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These works were composed and performed from the 80's onward. Most of the pieces were produced direct to two track recorder from my collection of midi modules and keyboards. Pieces were sequenced in Performer, and later Digital Performer, mixed on outboard gear. Some of the earliest pre-midi pieces were recorded using two or more synths driven via CV, with a live part played in real time performance and recorded to cassette tape. I have cleaned up / mastered the original recordings for presentation here.


are of a generally large time format, slowly evolving with (often) a melodic thread leading the emotional discourse. Influences include: Tangerine Dream, Benoit Weidemann, Kraftwerke, Tomita, Larry Fast/Synergy, Michael Hoenig, Wendy Carlos, Steve Reich.

Song Demos

are just that: Demos of songs some of which I would present to the bands I was in. It was my intent to have these in a state where collaboration would take place, thus there are only hints of melody and no vocals. Many of these songs I did end up writing words and melodies for and at some point I may overdub those vocals...

Film Music and Misc.

Film scores, works for the Theater, music for educational purposes, and liturgical/service music will be found here.

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