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Catalog of Works

Brian Packham: 

Selected Works (1980-2017)



Music with an asterisk (*) is suitable for liturgical performance.




Staircase Variations [2017] [2 vins, 2 vlas, 2 Vc.]_manuscript [dur. ca. 20’]


Music for Two Cellos [2017] [dur. ca. 12’] commissioned by Peter Thomas and Madeline Kabat

World Premier scheduled for February 23, 2017, Cleveland, Ohio


Music for Stargazers [2016] [pf]_manuscript/midi [dur. ca. 8’]


*Two Hymns for French Horn and Organ [2016] [dur. ca. 6’30’’] commissioned by Ted Durant

    1. Meditation on "All Our Hope on God is Founded"  [dur. ca. 4’]

    2. Fanfare on "Crown Him With Many Crowns"  [dur. ca. 2’30’’] 


Harvey Challenge [2015] [pf]

    No.1: Fugue in the Style of J.S. Bach [dur. ca. 2’]

    No. 2: Polonaise in the Style of Chopin [2015] [pf] [dur. ca. 8’]


In a Field of Wildflowers [2015] [fl,pf] commissioned by Glen Quarrie [dur. ca. 4’]


Ten Haiku [voice, pf, ensemble tbd]_manuscript [2014] [dur. ca. 20’]


Raintune No.1 [pf]_ midi draft[2014] [dur. ca. 3’]

Raintune No.2 [pf]_ midi draft[2014] [dur. ca. 3’]


A Short Climb [pf] [2014]  [dur. ca. 2’]


TimePiece [pf] [2014]  [dur. ca. 3’]


Epilogue after Hindemith [pf] [2014]  [dur. ca. 1’30’’]


Jazz Study No.3 [pf] [2014]   [dur. ca. 3’]

Jazz Study No.2 [pf] [2014]  [dur. ca. 2’30’’]

Jazz Study No.1 [pf] [2013]  [dur. ca. 3’]


Jazz Invention No.3 [pf] [2013]  [dur. ca. 2’]

Jazz Invention No.2 [pf] [2013]  [dur. ca. 2’]

Jazz Invention No.1 [pf] [2013]   [dur. ca. 2’]


*excerpt from Variations on "O Sacred Head Now Wounded" [pf] [2013] [dur. ca. 7’]


Variations on "O Sacred Head Now Wounded" [pf]_manuscript [2013] [dur. ca.18’]


*Ubi Caritas et Amor [SSA w/ organ ] {SSA, string ens, fh quartet_in manuscript} [2010]   [dur. ca. 5’30’’]


Little Suite for Guitars [guitar duet]  [2009] [dur. ca. 5’]


*Prelude Impromptu [org.] [2009] [dur. ca. 3’]_manuscript


The Shapers Song [string quartet]  [2001] [dur. ca. 14’]


Sinfonia Concertante [solo fl. and chamber orchestra] [2001_revised 2014]  [dur. ca. 28’]


*Prelude no.10 [pf] [2000]  [dur. ca. 1’30’’]


From Thoreau Landscapes Book One [5 songs for medium male or female voice, pf.]  [1994-2000] [dur. ca. 21’]


Universe Mirror [SATB w/ pf] [1998]   [dur. ca. 12’]


Ad Futurum [brass ensemble] [1998]  [dur. ca.10’]


One-Armed Bandit [marimba, 3-5 players]  [1999] [dur. ca.8’] to Blake Cramer


Concert Overture "Ashes of Eden" [orch] [1997]  [dur. ca.17’]


*Exultare Lux Dei [org] [1996] [dur. ca. 4’30’’]


Sonatine [Flute and Vibraphone] [1996]   [dur. ca. 8’]


South American Suite [fl, guit., dulcimer, String Orchestra] [1996]  [dur. ca.11’]

_ arrangement of Folk Song Set No.1 for the recording “Highlands”


Jazz Suite No.2 (large jazz band -culled from college sketch books) [1995]  [dur. ca. 7’]_manuscript

Jazz Suite No.1 (large jazz band -culled from college sketch books)[1995] [dur. ca. 12’] _manuscript


Volcano Dance [percussion ensemble]  [1994] [dur. ca.4’30’’] for Blake Cramer and the USNA Percussion Ensemble


Prelude No.9 [pf] [1994]  [dur. ca. 2’30’’]


Cape Breton Concerto [fl. string orchestra] [1994]  [dur. ca.16’] Commissioned by Chris Norman

 also arranged for flute with string quintet, and flute wth string quartet.


Folk Song Set No.2 "China" [fl, guit., dulcimer, Orch] [1994]  [dur. ca.9’]

Commissioned by Chris Norman and Helicon (Robin Bullock, Ken Kolodner)


Little Suite for Flutes [flute ens.] [1994]  [dur. ca.11’]


Folk Song Set No. 1 "South America" [fl, guit., dulcimer, Orch] [1994]  [dur. ca.11’] 

Commissioned by Chris Norman and Helicon (Robin Bullock, Ken Kolodner)


Israfel [SATB] [1994]  [dur. ca.10’]


*Toccatina [organ] [1993] [dur. ca.4’]


Sonata No.2 [pf] [1993] [dur. ca.16’]


Tetra Musics [concert band] [1993] [dur. ca.13’] for John Corley and the MIT Concert Band


Variations on GRYMG [brass quintet] (also arr. for 2 trp, 2 trb, org.) [1992] [dur. ca.8’]


*Five Pieces for Soprano and Brass Quintet (Chamber Mass) [1992]  [dur. ca.12’]


Symphony No.1  [large orchestra] [1992] [dur. ca.34’] _ N.B._mvt.II ’Elegy' may be performed by itself.


Impromptu No.2 [pf]  [1992] [dur. ca.8’]


Prelude No.8 [pf] [1992]  [dur. ca. 2’]


Impromptu No.3 [pf]  [1991] [dur. ca.5’]


The Gramophone at Fond-du-Lac [narrator, fl., pf] [1991] [dur. ca.10’ ]

_ Public Domain text by Robert Service (1875-1958)


Impromptu No.1 [pf]  [1990] [dur. ca.5’ 30’’]


Two Bagatelles [marimba] [1990]  [dur. ca.6’] Commissioned by Nora Davenport


Incantation, Transformation and Ascension [concert band] [1990] [dur. ca.8’] 

for John Corley and the MIT Concert Band


*Wedding Music- [organ] [1990]

1. Fantasy-Prelude [dur. ca.7’ 30’’] 

2. Processional [dur. ca.3’] 

3. Recessional [dur. ca.3’]

_N.B. Processional and Recessional also arranged for brass quintet.


Marimba Concerto [orchestra w/ solo marimba] [1989] [dur. ca. 15’] Commissioned by Nora Davenport


Spiders [violin, marimba] [1989]  [dur. ca.6’]


Prelude no.7 [pf] [1987] [dur. ca. 1’]


Seven Steps from Heaven [orch] [1985] [dur. ca.7’]_manuscript


Trellis [concert band] [1984] [dur. ca.6’]_manuscript- transcription of “Prelude and Fugue”


*Prelude and Fugue [organ] [1983] [dur. ca.6’]


Music for Saxophone Quartet [sop.,alt,ten,bari, saxophones] [1984] [dur. ca.5’]


Sonata No.1 [pf] [1984] [dur. ca.20’]


Mobius [concert band] [1983] [dur. ca.2’]_manuscript


Three Pieces for Piano [pf] [1983] [dur. ca.14’]


Six Preludes [pf] [1983]  [dur. ca.9’]


Le Ungaire Moo Moo (piano 4 hands) [1982]  [dur. ca.3’]


Caprice [fl.] [1981]  [dur. ca. 1’]


Sonatina [pf.] [1981]  [dur. ca.9’]


Land's End [for mixed brass and percussion]1981_manuscript [dur. ca.3’30”]


Reflections in the Rain [guitar]1980_manuscript




“Back at the Staircase” a film by Drew Britton [2017]


"When the King Tllts" a film by Drew Britton [2013]


Incidental music to the play “Wiley and the Hairy Man” [electronic- a children's play][1991]


Incidental music to the play “Closets” [electronic-][1990]


Ludvik, the Carpenter [children's voices and organ] [1988]

- incidental music to the play “I Never Saw Another Butterfly” by Celeste Rita Raspanti]



A Couple O'Chunes [Marching Band][2015] [dur. ca. 2’]_ not including repeats. 

[for the Pewaukee High School (Wisconsin) marching band]


Echo Mountain [concert band]  [1998] [dur. ca.2’]


Serenata Espanole [concert band]  [1996] [dur. ca.3’]


Precipice [concert band] [1995]  [dur. ca.4’]




*Live it Out! [unison choir, org.] [2017] [dur. ca. 1’] benediction response


Londonderry Aire [Vc, pf] [2017] [dur. ca. 4’]


*Canticle on Old Hundredth  [Vc., Org.] [2017] [dur. ca. 3’]


*Exaltation on Psalm 119 “Thy Word is a Lamp Unto My Feet” [pf] [2016] [dur. ca. 4’]


*Heart Wide Open [2016] [A,T,Bt,B, Cb. drone] [dur. ca. 2’] benediction response


*We can Thank God [praise song] [2016] [dur. ca. 3’]


*No More Cross’ to Bear [gospel bluegrass song] [2016] [dur. ca. 3’]


*All Things Bright and Beautiful [pf] [2015] [dur. ca. 4’]


*Alleluia [unison choir, org.] [2013] [dur. ca. 1’] benediction response _manuscript


*Four Advent Meditations [pf] [2013]  [dur. ca.9’]

    1. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.  [dur. ca.3’]

    2. Lo, How a Rose Ere Blooming.  [dur. ca.2’]

    3. Silent Night.  [dur. ca.2’30’’]

    4. Away in a Manger.  [dur. ca.1’30’’]


*Gratitude [praise song] [2013] [dur. ca. 3’]


*Live, Love, Give [hymn] (Like the Vine We bear the Fruit_ a doxology) [2013] [dur. ca. 3’]


*Christmas Fanfare [2 trp, 2 trb, organ] [2009] [dur. ca. 3’]


*Meditation on In the Bleak Mid-Winter [vln, cl., organ] [2008] [dur. ca. 5’]


The Brown Haired Girl [Trad. for vln solo, strings(vlns, Vcs), guitar, celtic harp, pno] [2007]  

[dur. ca.7’30’’] 

commissioned by Bob Childs for ‘Childsplay’


*I Trust You, Jesus [bluegrass band] [2007] [dur. ca. 3’]


*Lo How a Rose ere Blooming [T,Bt,Bt_bluegrass gospel] [2007] [dur. ca. 3’]


*It's a New Day [bluegrass band] [2006] [dur. ca. 4’]


*Hear Our Prayer, Oh, God [TTBB] [2006] [dur. ca. 1’]


Amen [TTBB] [2006] [dur. ca. 1’]


Fanny Powers' [Trad., arrangement- string quartet w/guitar]  [1999] [dur. ca.4’]


Lark in the Morn' [Trad., arrangement- string quartet w/guitar] [1999] [dur. ca. 2’]


In Ireland [Sir Hamilton Harty, arrangement- fl, strings, harp] [1996]  [dur. ca.10’] 

Commissioned by Chris Norman and by permission of Boosey and Hawkes Publishing Co. 

For the recording “Highlands” Chris Norman and Camerata Beriloche.


*Meditations on Amazing Grace (solo instrument, organ/piano) [1993] [dur. ca. 7’] 









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